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Edit Gosztola
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Occupation: Paper-zoologist, wannabe graphic artist, database mage and office-wolf

I draw as fun, I draw as psychological need, from impulse, free and never planned.

Don't forget to water your plants and feed your pets!

.:: KekPafrany ::.
Nowdays I do a ton of sketch, but none of them make it to the scanner. I jujde them strictly and put them away (they made nice and chaotic piles in my home). I am missing something, some inspiration or aim. I had  ideas, but that was never enough for a picture.

I have my home, registered to my name (hurray) it needs some renovation, some more renovation and you wouldn't guess this but some more renovation. But who has the energy for that? Not me, I'm sure. Overtime is still an everyday thing where I work.
One of the few good things that my workplace moved and my new office is full of windows and glass, so at least I don't work in the darkness.

But I still wish for a good sleep.
  • Reading: Some animal fantasy book...


Sune the outlaw by KekPafrany
Sune the outlaw
She is one of my Pathfinder RPG characters. In our world there is two subrace of catfolk, she is a mix of them, resembling both of her parents, you could say something between a lion and a snow leopard.
She is a poisoner rogue. Don't ever trust the food she had touched!

The party is a bunch of outlaws: me, an otterfolk, a wolffolk, and a kobold. We are in a kingdom where it is forbidden to be a 'monster'.  We had to escape from a labour camp, now we are fugitives.

We seized a good and forsaken hideout in a catacomb of an old temple where earlier a strange monster-fan sect had resided. (The sect had been overrun by some paladin of a new-age religion, however most of the members died in that day, the sect survived and it is blossoming in an other city).
We got some strange visions in our dreams, we found out its source is coming from a strange statue, it still has some magic left.

We roam the city at night, and do ...slightly... illegal things, like robbery and such.

Aaand I have my reason to come from my beautiful and civilized country into this barbaric land, but it is a secret ;)
Sune by KekPafrany
Pathfinder, catfolk rogue. In our world there is two subrace of catfolk, she is a mix of them.

I will color her on a time of  the year, when my happiness is greater than my lack of motivation and time.
Fren by KekPafrany
We tried out an rpg, named Genestorm. We just got a taste, I was in a bad mode, so that was all, no more play.

The system is strange, I don't like the idea of let's play a minigame in the game, some round of dice poker for every _one_ of your round of actions (when in other games there is one dice rolled). So when it has been decided if you can or cannot do a thing - you have already forgotten what you wanted to do.

But a plant-creature was made as my character, she is Fren, a merchant.

"Do you need that "trash" ? I got "treasures" for them!"
Jackalope by KekPafrany
Just a character idea.. I am still thinking about the story - I am not a creative writer.  But I want the owl stay silly. The wolf won't be on the colored version - I am not content with the look of him.
Reborn by KekPafrany
Last week I was in a hospital. I drew it there, I just haven't scanned it until today. I don't know what to write, this piece is really ambivalent to me. I was devastated, I felt miserable, a minute later I felt acceptance, then I felt revolt, I felt depressed. I still don't feel balanced.

Mushrooms because I feel at ease around them. I wanted a surreal background, to incline my dissonant and unbalanced feelings. And the fern prospers because it is summer.

It just diabetes, serious but managable. So nothing to worry, I can live long and despair.

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