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Edit Gosztola
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Current Residence: Jhampee, Mountain Kingdom (Budapest, Hungary)
Occupation: Paper-zoologist, wannabe graphic artist, database mage and office-wolf
I would like to draw with ink, but my technical pen got seriously ill: it bleeds from everywhere. I can't buy a new tip for it, Faber-Castell stopped manufacturing them. I find a little too expensive to buy a whole new one, maybe later, after we finished upgrading the new home.

After longterm fight with the local government, they sold it to us, only they haven't been able to administrate it yet. They always make some errors to sit on the papers for some more months. Everything about vogons is true, only with one difference: they are living in our planet, doing bureaucracy for (or against) us. I receive every mail with a "maybe now? maybe now!" thought, but I always get disappointed.
I work in an agricultural agency, I can't imagine how can the local government get away with all the mistakes they have been making. We would get our heads bitten of for the one third of their failures!

The next one and half months will be hard, we are going to get a new system for administration. So less drawing time for me. I'm working on small models for our RPG characters. They have both sides drawn, cut them out from paper. I will upload some of them later.

I like this month, the weather is beautiful: I can smell the scent of the rain and flowers, I walk home, wondering how blue the sky, watching the clouds, enjoying the rain mixed with sunshine. I wish I could be more free.
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Reading: Erin Hunter: Power of three


Hofark by KekPafrany
Her name means "Snow tail", a bit of a pun, because the word "wolf" is "having a tail" in Hungarian. She is a hengeyokai shapechanger, we are playing Pathfinder RPG.

I got a "profipen" thingy to substitute my broken technical pen. (Thanks for the tip, PraiseTheSteel) My only concern is how long be one pen enough if I draw texture on the whole paper like this. But I will soon find out.
Aurora kitsune by KekPafrany
Aurora kitsune
We will play a pathfinder module, and I will have a kitsune sorcerer from the kitsune bloodline. She's already got two tails, I hope with time I will receive more.

Pencil sketch, I might colour it later. It is a promise, as weak as my plans are any other time.. But time is a thing I scarcely have nowdays, and I will need 2 weeks sleeping befor planning anything serious. Well, I still have unused day-off from the last year, so I don't think this can happen soon. C'est la vie... :(
Rakushun and Bramble by KekPafrany
Rakushun and Bramble
I felt the need to carry on with the ratfolk.. 

She is a smaller ratfolk. A wizard. A covard. She loves reading fiction and literature, and tries to find strenght from the heros in those stories. 
When she had to escape from her home, she changed her name into one of her favourite brave protagonist. Her original name was Kóc, it means Ruffle, because she is a rex rat, with curly fur. Her new name is Rakushun, as the brave rat from the Twelve Kingdom.
Bramble, the cat is her familiar. He is a grumpy, ruffled tom, who mostly always disagrees with her.

She has a creature's memories or mind inside her own head, who is asking for revenge against a creature who killed him. All I know he used to have wings. :P

Previous version:
Pen sketch:…
Koc aka Rakushun - colored by KekPafrany
Koc aka Rakushun - colored
My monthly anti-depressant painting:

Rakushun is an rpg character of mine. She loves reading and tries her best to act like her favourite heros.

It was past time having a coloured picture about her.

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